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4th Saturday Sewing & Crafts

This thimble-nimble group meets on the 4th Saturday of each month in the Portal Rescue Classroom. Check

the Community Calendar Page to see when the next meeting

will be  held.

4th Saturdays Sewing and Crafts is a monthly event with folks bringing their own projects to work on. We will meet in the Portal Rescue Classroom between 11AM and 2PM.

Before the pandemic there was a weekly sewing group and this monthly event is intended to bring sewers and crafters together.

Depending on how the days go and the types of projects folks bring there is a possibility of the following:

Small groups formed

Classes or tutorials offered

Show and tell of projects

Community service, perhaps a mending/repair day

Classes for children

As far as involving children in the 4th Saturdays they are welcome with a parent to see what projects are being worked on.

Using the Portal Rescue classroom is a priveledge and needs to be respected. We need to pack out what we pack in including all rubbish. As a general rule the kitchen is not to be used unless arranged in advance.

Wear a name tag

Bring any projects you want to work on

Bring a friend

Bring a show and tell of something you’ve made.

Bring your own scrap bag to reduce

Dates for 2023

September 23

October date to be announced, there is a conflict with Octoberfest

November 25

December 23

In consideration of the use of Portal Rescue’s Classroom:

All persons who attend functions in the Portal Rescue Classroom are expected to exercise safe personal behaviors (such as carrying flashlights for nighttime events, avoiding trip hazards, and being watchful for snakes). Attendees assume responsibility for their own safety and for any damage personally attributable to them.

If you would like to be added to an email list contact Marilyn Forestell at MLForestell@gmail.com