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Meteorology versus Meteors

If a meteorologist studies weather, what do we call a person who studies meteors? In the days of ancient Greeks, meteorology was the study of the atmosphere, and anything that came out of it - rain, sleet, snow, hail. So, not too surprising that meteorology became the study of weather. But what about meteors? The science of meteors is called Meteorics. Accordingly, a student of meteors is a meteoriticist. A tongue twister to be sure.

Monthly Summary

The official NOAA outlook for June was a slow start to the monsoon and  below average precipitation. Now you know why I never believe these long-term predictions. We had a terrific start to the monsoon season, even if there is no guarantee it will continue. But whenever over 2.5 inches of rain falls anywhere in our community in June, we’ll take it!

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