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Meteorology versus Meteors

If a meteorologist studies weather, what do we call a person who studies meteors? In the days of ancient Greeks, meteorology was the study of the atmosphere, and anything that came out of it - rain, sleet, snow, hail. So, not too surprising that meteorology became the study of weather. But what about meteors? The science of meteors is called Meteorics. Accordingly, a student of meteors is a meteoriticist. A tongue twister to be sure.

Monthly Summary

October was very warm and dry for Arizona, as a strong high pressure system dominated the weather pattern across the Southwest for most of the month. Only two major precipitation events impacted us.  Temperatures were quite warm due to a mid-month heatwave that broke maximum daily high temperature records across many Arizona cities.

A strong El Niño event is underway in the Pacific Ocean and is expected to impact our winter weather pattern across the Southwest. The National Weather Service says this “HINTS” that above-average precipitation could fall across Arizona later in the winter season (Jan-March). They got it wrong last winter, so let's hope the long -term forecast is more accurate this winter.

Check out the drought monitor for October - not looking good!

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