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1. Still more variants are on the way

2. Think the Pandemic Is Over? Better Read This

3. To Boost Or Not To Boost - That Is The Question

4. It’s Not The Bats: The Emergence Of Covid


Nov 28    Question & Answer Session About 2023 Prescribed Burning and Fuel

                Reduction In South Fork and Cave Creek.                                     2:00 pm

                Host: District Ranger Doug Ruppel                       Portal Rescue Classroom


Nov 29     Medical Clinic Frances Grill, FNP-C.      8:30 am - 12:00 pm (AZ)     


                 2362 S. Rock House Road, Portal.

                Call the Willcox office to schedule a visit: 520-766-5000

                Local number during business hours:520-558-5000

                NO Walk-Ins Until Further Notice _______________________________________________________________

Nov 30     Chiricahua Community Health Service    9:00 am - 4:30 pm (AZ)   

               Portal Rescue   To set up an appointment call (520) 364-1429.


       Dec 1    Hiking   Decided By The Hikers

                                   Meet: Silver Peak Trailhead at 9:00 am


Dec 1    Medical Clinic Frances Grill, FNP-C.  1:30 - 5:00 pm (AZ)     


                 2362 S. Rock House Road, Portal.

                Call the Willcox office to schedule a visit: 520-766-5000

                Local number during business hours:520-558-5000

                NO Walk-Ins Until Further Notice - Call 520-558-5000 _______________________________________________________________

Dec 2        Sew What Forum                                                                 7:00 pm

                 Title: East Turkey Creek: A Billion Years of Geologic History Revealed

                 Speaker: Sharon Minchak            Followed by Saturday morning field trip

                 Location: Portal Rescue Classroom


Dec 3     Wind Dancer Farm Stand                          Winter Hours 10:00 am - 12:00 noon

                   Location: Portal Library        Order HERE

                                    Wind Dancer Farm accepts EBT/SNAP benefits.


Dec 4     Big Yard Sale In Rodeo                                         10:00 am - 3:00 pm
The Old Rodeo Country Store Lot.    The 1st and 3rd Sunday each month. 

               For more information contact Cisco at: 575 590-2606 ____________________________________________________________________________________

Dec 4    Cochise County Historical Society’s Annual Banquet        11:00 am

‍               Location: The Gadsden Hotel on G Avenue      

‍               Open to the community.    Lunch included: $35.00

‍               Speaker: Thatcher Rogers - “Archeology Of Cochise County


Dec 6     Schwan's Truck At Portal Store

‍               The last few weeks, driver was in Portal 9:00-9:30 am. 

‍                If you place an order you will be notified about delivery day. 

‍                For dates with no order, call Schwan’s at: 1 (888) 724-9267.


Dec 6      BOOK Discussion Group                                              7:00 pm

               The Bears Ears: A Human History of America’s Most Endangered Wilderne

                by David Roberts                                                            In the Portal Library


Dec 9       Portal Rescue Board Meeting                         6:00 pm 

                 Portal Rescue Classroom


Dec 7       Annual Meeting Of Friends Of Cave Creek Canyon        4:00 pm

                 Geronimo Event Center        Silent Auction of “Time & Talent” offerings.

                 Refreshments Served                        Bring cookies or snacks to share 


Dec 11     Community Potluck Dinner                                         5:00 pm

                  Rodeo Community Center   If there is something you

                 would like to dedicate to bringing(dinner rolls, stuffing etc.)

                 contact Aimee at: aimeeessary@gmail.com 


Dec 13      Lordsburg Mobile Vet                                             9:00 am - 4:00 pm

                (from Arenas Valley Animal Clinic)                    Walk-ins only: 575-956-3078

                Second Tuesday of the month:            Outside at Fire Station (1000 Main St) 

                Call the day before to be sure pet’s needs can be met via this mobile service:  


Dec 14      Meeting Of The Rodeo Community Association                   4:30 pm

                Location: Rodeo Community Center        Open to the entire community.


Dec 15   Game Night (Bingo - Poker - Cornhole)             4:00 pm

               Rodeo Community Center —  Bring a snack to share


Jan 1     New Year’s Day Brunch  - POT Luck                     11:00 am

               Portal Rescue Classroom - Bring Lots Of Food

               If you didn’t stay up until midnight last night, this is your

               chance to celebrate.  Featuring a presentation (by Howeird)

               of New Year’s celebrations throughout the world.


Jan 3      BOOK Discussion Group                                               7:00 pm

               Poetry Night                                                                      In the Portal Library ___________________________________________________________________

Jan 12     Red Cross Blood Drive        8:00 am - 4:30 pm

                Portal Rescue Classroom


Feb 3      Sew What Forum                                                                 7:00 pm

                Title: The Great North American Total Solar Eclipse of 2024

                Speaker: Fred Espenak                         Where: Portal Rescue Classroom


Feb 7     BOOK Discussion Group                                               7:00 pm

               Raven’s Witness: The Alaska Life of Richard K. Nelso

               By Hank Lentfer                                                                In the Portal Library ___________________________________________________________________

Mar 3-4   Sew What Forum                                                                 7:00 pm

                Title: Getting to Know Your Desert neighbors — Arizona’s Slimy Snails

                Speaker: Jeff Sorenson             Where: Portal Rescue Classroom

                Saturday: Snail Hunt! Meet at Portal Library to carpool to field trip site


Mar 16     Red Cross Blood Drive        8:00 am - 4:30 pm

                Portal Rescue Classroom


May 12     Red Cross Blood Drive        8:00 am - 4:30 pm

                Portal Rescue Classroom


Apr 7      Sew What Forum                                                                 7:00 pm (AZ)

                Title: Too Close for Comfort — Protecting our Peaceful Chiricahua Skies

                Speaker: Kim Vacariu                        Where: Portal Rescue Classroom


Sep 14     Red Cross Blood Drive        8:00 am - 4:30 pm

                Portal Rescue Classroom