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Portal Rescue-Minutes-Agenda

Minutes Of Board Meeting – July 6, 2023

Attending: Board members Cary Booth, Dinah Davidson, Penni Parrish Alina Downer, Jackie Lewis, David Newton and Aaron Smith;  Additional Active Members Bonnie Bowen; Community Members: Susan Dalby, Eskild Petersen.

    1)    Call to Order

President Cary Booth called the meeting to order at 6:08 pm.

    2)    Adoption of Agenda

The Agenda was adopted unanimously without amendment after a motion by Cary and a second by Dinah.

    3)    Acceptance of Minutes

The minutes as amended were accepted unanimously after a motion by Alina and a second by Cary.

    4)    Reports

Fire Chief (David Newton)

    a)    Operations: None.  Thanks to Aaron Smith for driving Tender 1 in Rodeo's 4th of July parade.

    b)    Training:  Attendance at both fire trainings and all-responder trainings is down.

    c)    Vehicles:

    i)    All vehicles are in service. New batteries in both Engine 2 and Brush 236.

    ii)    Rescue 4 repair - The portion of the air conditioner that cools the patient compartment has failed.  Sierra Vista City Fleet Services has the expertise and willingness to repair it. Portal Rescue lacks the required Inter-Governmental Agreement to be billed by Fleet Services.  We have arranged with San Jose Fire District (who do have the required IGA) to be billed for the repair of our ambulance and then we'll reimburse San Jose Fire District.  Lee Dyal and David Newton are taking Rescue 4 to Sierra Vista July 7th.

    d)    Grants: David to complete a 6 month report due on our AFG grant in July.

    e)    Building Maintenance:  One white motion light outside the ambulance bay remains to be replaced.

    EMS Chief (Alina Downer)

       a)    Calls

i)     1 in May, 1 in June (none in July yet)- far fewer than last year!

       b)    Equipment

i)_USB Charging ports have been added to the rescue vehicles.  Thank you David!

         c)    Personnel

i)   4th of July Rodeo parade: Barbara & Alina took R233 to the parade and won ‘Best  

Public Service’

ii)  Thanks to Rolf for stepping up as Radio Operator on our June call when all other Radio   operators were unavailable.

        Good attendance at May and June trainings

    Treasurer (Jackie Lewis) – current as of July 6, 2023

    f)    Assets

    (1)    Washington Federal – the total value of this account is $34,603.20 (60-month CD, maturing 01/15/25 [Rainy Day Fund])

    (2)    Edward Jones (all accounts) as of 6/30/2023

    (3)    The total value of our Edward Jones accounts is $145,497.80, with components:

    (a)    CDs

    (i)    Sally Mae CD $29,000 (3.10%) – Maturity Date 7-24-23

    (ii)    Bank of China CD $7,000 (4.65%) – Maturity Date 12-29-2023

    (iii)    Key Bank Natl CD $8,000 (4.60%)– Maturity Date 1-12-2024

    (iv)    Morgan Stanley CD $10,000 (5.15%) -Maturity Date 5-23-2024

    (v)    Morgan Stanley $20,000 (5.15%) - Maturity Date 5-23-2024

    (vi)    Bank Baroda CD $30,000 (5.2%) - Maturity Date 5-29-2024

    (4)    CD Matured

(a) Matured: $30,000 in May, The board voted via email to reinvest in another CD.

However, the $30,000 CD purchase was duplicated by Edward Jones resulting

in a total of $60,000 in CDs purchased.

(b) Maturing: 7/24/2023 $29,000 with discussion to roll the funds into our

checking account.

    (5)    For Income and Expenses, see Appendix A.

    g)    Member-At-Large (Aaron Smith) - nothing to report at this time.

    h)    Secretary (Penni Parrish) - nothing to report at this time.

    i)    Vice-President (Dinah Davidson)

        Dinah notified the board that there were 3 unsuccessful attempts to reach out to Everything Insurance Group to determine whether a separate umbrella policy was possible.  State Farm indicated that an umbrella policy was not possible without completely insuring our facilities for a second time.

        Dinah has met with Lee and will meet with Alina to make recognition flyers for volunteers.

    j)    President (Cary Booth) -

        Cary authorized tree removal and stump grinding totaling $750 south of the buildings.  Per David, the removal of the tree no longer interferes with the PR antenna.

    5)    Continuing Business

    a)    Points and Perks Committee - no updates

    b)    Red brush 6 – David uploaded photos in preparation for the auction

    c)    Re-investment of funds from CD that matured on 5/15/2023.  Board voted via email to re-invest the CD at 5.15% interest rate.  Cary motioned to confirm this decision, Seconded by David. The vote in favor was unanimous.

    d)    GPS Tablet Update-David purchased 2 tablets for $80 each on Ebay,

    i)    1 has a cellular SIM card, both have software installed and have been tested.

    ii)    Location: 1 accessible to EMTs to grab inside bay.

    e)    Classroom rental paperwork update- Discussion ongoing.  

    i)    The Portal Rescue classroom has evolved into being a place community members use for purposes outside of training for PR volunteers. Community members have expressed concern and challenged the verbiage in the room reservation form that puts the responsibility of loss, damage, or injury on the renter of the room.

    ii)    Consensus is that the goal is to maintain the 0 claims record for Portal Rescue with our insurance provider and to use language in direct communications with the community to reduce organizational liabilities.  

    iii)    Discussion to obtain copies of insurance policies for Red Cross, CCHCI, and Forest Service to have on file in cases of an incident.  PR Board will not be purchasing a policy that covers other users.

    iv)    Feedback from discussion-

    (1)    Dinah- understood that alcohol use during room rental was greatest concern to insurance provider, but provider understood the value of the PR Classroom to the community since we are a rural area with limited public spaces for gatherings.

    (2)    Aaron - recommendation to source a provider that could provide an annual policy that covers all social events and approach Sew What? organization for help with purchasing the policy.

    (3)    Bonnie- Asked if the PR board would consider updating the verbiage of classroom rental agreement to consider organizations vs. individuals as responsible party on paperwork.

    v)    A subcommittee has been established to review and discuss existing forms for editing before providing it to PR legal counsel for any final changes. Subcommittee members: Bonnie, Dinah, Alina, Penni

    6)    New Business

    a)    Brochure

    i)    Needs to be updated and re-printed.  Circulation of brochure needs to continue in the local businesses (Sky Islands Grill & Grocery, Portal Cafe, library, post offices, etc.)  Several years ago a brochure went to every mail box in the Portal area.  PR only saw 2 new donors from that extensive mailing.

    ii)    Dinah recommended sending out digital brochure to area Google Email group.

    iii)    Deadline to have brochure revised and printed for annual newsletter is September 2023.  Jackie will check with Gloo Factory and other printers for pricing.  Volume of brochures to reduce from 1,500 to 1,000 or 750 as communications continue to gravitate towards digital.

    b)    CCHCI Introduction and Discussion with Representatives

    i)    Alicia Thompson (New Chief of Operations) and Emily Harris (Director of Community Health) introduced themselves and informed board members and attending community members of their roles and goals for mobile health program in Portal.  Weekly visits on Wednesdays were scheduled as a supplement to Walker Family Medicine but not an overlap (visiting on a day that WFM is closed)

    ii)    Requirements for CCHCI to continue their mobile health visits to Portal:6 to 8 appointments (including telehealth) per visit for program to continue.  Since its inception there have only been 2 to 10 visits per month.

    iii)    At this time the MOU (contract) is expired and reps have proposed to extend contract to 12/31/2023 and consider any options that would improve the use of the services.  Reps suggested relocating the location to somewhere more visible; Apache School, Myrtle Kraft Library to help bring awareness to the services.

    iv)    Discussion/Feedback from meeting members:  Reps were provided contact information for our community Google Group, Website, and Facebook pages to aid in communication of services, suggestion of promoting exactly what services they are able to do for community members with the mobile health services.

    v)    Board consensus that due to low numbers of residents in the summer months to advocate for extension of weekly services through September 2023.  Motion by Penni, Seconded by Alina.  

    vi)    CCHCHI Reps concluded with notifying the board that they will request weekly visits through August in hopes that newly invested communication efforts by CCHCI with the help of insight from board members will increase community use of the mobile program.

    c)    Scheduling of September meeting

The September meeting was scheduled for September 7th at 6:00 PM in the Portal Rescue classroom.

    7)    For the Good of the Order

    a)    The next blood drive is set for July 14th and there are 2 appointments available.

    8)    Adjournment

Cary adjourned the meeting at 7:58 pm.