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Hike For September 21 - South Fork

Meet: Silver Peak Trailhead at 8:00 am (AZ) - 9:00 am (NM)

Carol Simon  (520) 558-2433  casimon@vtc.net

Elaine Moisan (520)558-5204 emoisan2011@hotmail.com


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Hike report for 9/14/23

On a spectacular clear day after the much-welcomed monsoon rain the day before, 6 hikers met at the Silver Peak Trailhead for our monthly trail maintenance. The destination was Rustler Park where we would work the connector trail from the parking area just before the campground to the Crest Trail proper.



At lunch time we enjoyed our culinary delights sitting comfortable at one of picnic tables in the campground.


Group photo

After lunch 3 workers went back to Portal stopping for ice cream at  the SWRS while the remaining 3 hiked and botanized for several more hours. A gorgeous day to be in the mountains.

The next trail maintenance for the Hiking Club will be a joint effort with Wild Arizona on October 12. The current plan is to work on the lower part of the Greenhouse Trail. The next day  October 13, the Wild Arizona crew has planned for continuing to work on the Greenhouse Trail with volunteers. They have planned for a 3 night’s stay with a base camp at Cima Cabin. Hiking club members are welcome to join them for some or all this event as well. See attached invitation below.

Next week September 21 the hiking club will meet at the Silver Peak Trailhead. Tentatively we are planning to hike the South Fork Trail. The hikers meeting there will decide if otherwise.

Report by Eskild

Photos by Rolf & Eskild



Trail Work With Wild Arizona Is Scheduled For October 12 

Our first trail work with Luke was July 20 and was a very rewarding experience. We are now set for a repeat on October 12. This time we can also camp overnight with them. See Attachment from Luke 



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From: Luke Koenig <luke@wildarizona.org>

Date: Fri, Sep 8, 2023 at 10:45AM

Subject: Re: WA Oct Event Chiricahuas

To: Dirk Sigler <dirkdsigler@gmail.com>

Cc: Rolf Koford <rolfruns@gmail.com>, Eskild Petersen, <eskild.antoni@gmail.com>, Sam Baggenstos <sam@wildarizona.org>, Jonathan Patt <Jonathan@wildarizona.org>

Hi Dirk and all,

Below is the event description and registration for the Hiking Club work day on Oct. 12. Please share with the club and if you could encourage them register through the link that will help us get a headcount and know what to expect in terms of PPE and tools. Please look the event over and let me know if I'm missing anything. Folks are also more than welcome to join us overnight or just for the day for the subsequent backcountry event during which we'll continue to work on Greenhouse. Details for that are in the second link below.


On Wed, Sep 6, 2023 at 8:45AM Luke Koenig <luke@wildarizona.org> wrote:


That works perfectly. We'll do this in lieu of an additional front country weekend event on Greenhouse. I'll get back to you shortly here with an event description/registration to see if we can drum up any additional support as well as for you to share internally with the hiking club folks. 

We can follow the same format as last time and meet at the Silver Peak TH and then carpool and caravan over to the Greenhouse Trailhead. We can start at 7 again unless with the cooler temps the club would prefer to start a little later. 

On Wed, Sep 6, 2023 at 7:49AM Dirk Sigler <dirkdsigler@gmail.com> wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me Luke. Our plan at the hiking group has been to have recurring monthly trail maintenance days on the 2nd Thursdays of each month. So if we're to fall in line with that scheme October 12th would be the second Thursday. If that works for Wild Arizona then let's use that date.

I think a Thursday Hiking Club event would complement the weekend event very well. Since the overnight is coming down from the top, perhaps for a Thursday we could hike up from the bottom. On the surface either the 5th or 12th would work just as well. Perhaps the 12th is easier to make it all one trip. Are either of those better for the Hiking Club? 

Copying Sam here as he's beginning to take on some volunteer coordination work and may be hosting the Greenhouse event. 

On Sat, Sep 2, 2023 at 10:17AM Dirk Sigler  wrote:

Hi Luke

 For the Greenhouse event you're setting up for October, if you wanted to include the Hiking Group again it would need to be either Thursday the 5th or the following week the 12th. Weekends are better for WA but for Portal volunteers Thursdays are best.

Luke Koenig


Volunteer Coordinator




The 62 Highest Peaks, Mountains, Hills, And Lookouts In The Chiricahuas

(Tabulated by Ray Brooks)

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