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Charles Darwin’s Birthday Party - 2023

It’s just like Portal & Rodeo.  Thirty people RSVPd to the invitations to attend Charles Darwin’s 214th birthday party and 51 people showed up. Fortunately, we had more than enough cake and ice cream to feed the masses. And yes, February 12 is also Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, but he will have to arrange his own celebration next year!

As promised, Charlie did show up, looking a bit tired after being buried at Westminster Abbey (next to Isaac Newton) since 1882. He told us about his family, life and about the events leading up to the publication of The Origin Of Species.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the party a success: the staff of the Rodeo Community Center, the people who baked 4 cakes, and everyone who helped set up and clean up. And special thanks to Deborah Herczog, the co-coordinator of the event.

Darwin’s Toilet

(Santiago Island)