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Regatta 2022

About 20 people and a dozen boats showed up at Stewart Campground for the 2022 Regatta. This year, we had a different race strategy. In past years, we launched our boats at a starting point and jumped in our cars to drive to the finish line before the first boat arrived. Problem was as soon as we launched the boats they disappeared downstream. At Stewart Campground, we located a shorter run, but one that was visible from start to finish (see photos). Everyone was able to see the boats leaving, coming, cheer them on, free any boat that got stuck, and watch them cross the finish line.

We had 2 heats, each with 6 boats. The first 3 boats in each heat then raced against each other in a 3rd, final heat.

As usual, it was one of the most fun events held in Portal!

Howard Topoff

Rolf Koford

Our Wonderful Boats

 I was hoping my Covid Sloop would infect the other boats, causing them to sink. No such luck!


The Boat Captains


The Winner - Soren Dinsmore

Video Of Finish

Depending on your Internet bandwidth, it might take a few seconds to download and play the video or it might stop for a few seconds. Be patient. It WILL play.

First Place Award