Portal, AZ - Rodeo, NM

Serving The Communities Of Portal and Rodeo  (www.portal-rodeo.com)

Rodeo Community Association

Serving The People Of Rodeo And Surrounding Areas Promoting The General Welfare Of The Community.


President: Aimee Essary

Vice President: Tess Shultis

Secretary: Alicia Davidson

Treasurer: Bea Stevens

Trustee: Mike Faltum


We are running a donation drive for the Rodeo Community Association/Ramona Gomez Scholarship.

We give out scholarships to San Simon High School students, Animas High School students, home schooled kids in these areas and those who are continuing college that re-apply the next year. Last year we gave out a little over $3,000.00 to different students. 

We plan to give the same amount out again this year. Your support is greatly appreciated. Please donate if you can so we can continue to help our youth further their education. 

You can mail your donation to:

 PO Box 206 Rodeo, NM 88056. 

Please make checks out to RCA and put "scholarship" in the memo. You can also bring any donations to any of our RCA functions or give them to any of our board members. We can give receipts if requested. 

Rodeo Community Association Meeting

Residents of both Rodeo, NM and Portal, AZ are welcome to attend and participate in all RCA activities/functions.


 The agenda was approved at moved by Melissa McIntire and seconded by Teresita Shultis

Election of 2024 RCA Officers proceeded as nominations opened

 Treasurer:  Alicia Davidson nominated Bea Stevens and Melissa McIntire seconded the nomination.  Bea was voted in unanimously.

Secretary:  Melissa McIntire nominated Alicia Davidson and Darlene Churchman seconded the nomination.  Alicia was voted in unanimously.

Vice President:  Alicia Davidson nominated Teresita Shultis and Bea Stevens seconded the nomination.  Teresita was voted in unanimously.

President:  Alicia Davidson nominated Aimee Essary and Darlene Churchman seconded the nomination.  Aimee was voted in unanimously.

 The minutes of the December 6, 2023 meeting were read and approved as moved by Rick Lopez and seconded by Melissa McIntire.

Suggested dates for RCA major events of 2024 will be worked on in executive session and brought to the membership at the Feb. 7, 2024 RCA meeting.

It was agreed that RCA would not hold a business meeting in July, 2024 due to proximity of 4th of July Event.

Hidalgo County grants:  Aimee will ask Tisha Green (from the county) for an update on senior meals and Ned Hall Park.

The next RCA Meeting will be February 7, 2024 at 4:30pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alicia Davidson, RCA Secretary



Dates were offered for RCA Major events: (See Community Calendar)

         Rummage Sale:                              April 20, 2024

         Mother’s Day Ice Cream Social:  May 12, 2024

         Father’s Day  Ice Cream Social:  June 16, 2024

         Craft Fair:                                       October 19, 2024

         Christmas Dinner:                         December 14, 2024

Dates suggested or RCA Minor events:

       French Toast/Waffle Breakfast:    Jan. 14 from 8:00-11:00am

       Game Night:                                     Jan. 26   at 4:00pm

       Pancake Breakfast:                         Feb. 4  from 8:00-11:00

       Game Night:                                     March 15 at 4:00

      Breakfast & Easter Egg Hunt after breakfast

                                                                   March 30 from 8:00-11:00

       Pancake Breakfast:                         April 14 from 8:00-11:00

       Movie Night:      April 27  Time and movie To be determined

       Game Night:                                     May 10 at 4:00