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Titanic In Portal

Posted by Bill Cavaliere:

The boat is a 75', 45-ton yacht called the Spirit of Tahoe. It was purchased by Mike Dunham in Ft. Meyers, FL. with plans to use it as a sight-seeing boat on Lake Tahoe, along with his other (larger) boat that has already been there. It was sailed across the Gulf of Mexico to Galveston,Texas, then put on a flatbed wide-load trailer. The driver missed his delivery deadline, temporarily parked it on Highway 80 and came up Portal Road with his escort driver looking for a place to park it. It was never on my property but instead on my neighbor Victor Lopez's. The driver asked Victor's employee if he could park it there until he could get the permits for Arizona. He left it there and was never seen again.

After 7 weeks parked there, it is back on its way to Lake Tahoe via Highway 80, Highway 191 north of Douglas, Davis Road (to avoid the Bisbee Tunnel), back on Highway 80, through Tombstone, and on to Ajo. From there, it's "Ajo to Tahoe.”

Too bad it’s leaving, because Howard Topoff was hoping to enter it into the 2022 Regatta in Cave Creek!

Yacht Being Lifted By The Cranes


Transferred Onto The New Flatbed Trailer

Going Past The Four Bar Cottages' Driveway On Portal Road

On The New Trailer, With The Semi-Tractor That Pulled It